29 Mei

Type 1

  1. If a customer … chocolate ice cream from the restaurant, he or she will get extra toppings.
    • orders
    • order
  2. The hotel front desk clerk … you special price room rates if you don’t ask.
    • wouldn’t offer
    • won’t offer
  3. If you call Tessa, I … others.
    • will call
    • would call
  4. If I tell the truth, … hurt?
    • will he gets
    • will he get
  5. Unless it snows, the pavements … slippery.
    • will not
    • will not be
  6. If he … the book, I will borrow it in my university library.
    • hasn’t
    • doesn’t have
  7. The manager … your current income if you can stay focused when working from home.
    • will double
    • doubles
  8. You will make your parents sad if you … responsible for your life.
    • don’t
    • aren’t
  9. If you come to her house, she … something delicious for you.
    • will be cooked
    • will cook

Type 2

  1. If I … his mind, I wouldn’t let him touch my PC.
    • could read
    • would read
  2. If I … him, I would quit my job and start a business.
    • was
    • were
  3. If he were here, I … him not to enter the room without permission.
    • would advise
    • would advice
  4. It … appreciated if you returned the form as soon as possible.
    • would be greatly
    • would greatly
  5. … I rich, I would send my son to study overseas.
    • Were if
    • Were
  6. If he studied harder, he … the best score in his class.
    • would got
    • would get
  7. Your parents wouldn’t be angry if you … to them.
    • didn’t lie
    • don’t lie
  8. Unless Reny got enough sleep, she … productive.
    • wouldn’t
    • wouldn’t be

Type 3

  1. If you … an umbrella, you wouldn’t have got wet.
    • had took
    • had taken
  2. If you … about personal financial planning, you could’ve spent your money wisely.
    • had known
    • had knew
  3. She … your calls if you had reply her text message fast.
    • wouldn’t have been ignored
    • wouldn’t have ignored
  4. Had you treated your maid better, she …
    • wouldn’t have ran away
    • wouldn’t have run away
  5. If he had come to ask forgiveness, … his apologies?
    • would you have accept
    • would you have accepted
  6. If our friend hadn’t forgotten to renew his visa, he …
    • wouldn’t have been deported
    • wouldn’t have deported
  7. If the student … the instructions carefully, he wouldn’t have broken an dessicator.
    • have listened and followed
    • had listened and followed
  8. If the driver …, he wouldn’t have crashed concrete road separators.
    • hadn’t got enough sleep
    • had got enough sleep


  1.  orders | a customer = singular subject, gunakan “orders”
  2. won’t offer | gunakan won’t (will not) pada conditional sentence type 1, bukan wouldn’t (would not)
  3. will call | gunakan will pada conditional sentence type 1, bukan would
  4. will he get | verb setelah modal auxiliary verb (will) berbentuk dasar (bare infinitive) tanpa penambahan -s/-es
  5. will not be | Karena slippery = adjective, maka perlu digunakan verb to be. Verb to be yang dapat berada diantara modal dan adjective adalah “be”.
  6. doesn’t have | Verb “have” membutuhkan dummy auxiliary verb “do/does/did” untuk membentuk negative sentence.
  7. will double | Conditional sentence type 1 menggunakan modal verb, bukan hanya verb.
  8. aren’t | Karena responsible = adjective, maka perlu digunakan verb to be. Verb to be yang cocok dengan subject “you” adalah “are”.
  9. will cook | Kalimat menggunakan active voice.
  10. could read
  11. were
  12. would advise
  13. would be greatly
  14. Were
  15. would get
  16. didn’t lie
  17. wouldn’t be
  18. had taken
  19. had known
  20. wouldn’t have ignored
  21. wouldn’t have run away
  22. would you have accepted
  23. wouldn’t have been deported
  24. had listened and followed
  25. had got enough sleep



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